An Easy Way To Transform a Mission Statement Into Work Objectives

Important Objectives of Business

  1. Profitability — This is one of the most important objectives of the business. We normally set up a business to achieve profits for its owner or shareholders. But, does it mean that business should somehow, by hook or crook, earn the profit? Our answer is no; it should earn profit by working under rules and regulations or by following ethical practices.
  2. Growth — Another important objective of business is to achieve growth. The growth should be in terms of an increase in profit, revenue, capacity, number of employees and employee prosperity, etc.
  3. Stability — Stability means continuity of business. An enterprise or business should achieve stability in terms of customer satisfaction, creditworthiness, employee satisfaction etc. A stable organization can easily handle changing dynamics of markets.
  4. Efficiency — An efficient or aggressive working environment. A business should always try to achieve the best in its field. Efficiency is considered in terms of labour productivity, energy consumption, quality control etc.
  5. Survival — A business should have the capability to survive market jolts or shocks. A business should be there with a vision of long-term existence.

Turning Your Mission Statements into a Set of Work Objectives

  • To improve the efficiency of bookings so that the operators understand client needs without lots of back and forth
  • To improve driver and guide training so that they have all the information they need to give the clients an amazing tour experience.



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