Proven Tips to Plan Your Time Effectively

Time Management

Power of Saying ‘NO’

Time Planning Tips

Here’s a summary of a few tools you can experiment with.

  1. Diary: This is the first and most basic tool in time management. Everyone needs a diary or calendar. It should always be accessible, either via your smartphone or in your handbag/pocket.
  2. To-do lists: Instead of using the to-do list to organize your day, see it as a parking lot for all the tasks and thoughts racing around your head. Get into the habit of writing down all the little things you need to do.
  3. Daily plan: Take 5 minutes in the morning to plan the day or before you leave the office in the evening. Decide what you want to achieve that day. Make sure the important tasks always come first and allow time for unexpected urgent tasks.
  4. Email: Research shows that even the best multi-taskers cannot do two things at once. Jumping between different tasks is distracting and reduces our overall productivity. Try to be very disciplined about email, and set times in the day when you will check it.



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