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The road to success is paved with full days, heavy workloads and a 24/7 schedule. An entrepreneur’s life can be exhausting, and yet your overall success hinges on your ability to push through, how you keep at it day in and day out and how you Manage Your Physical Energy.

Maintaining your energy over the long-haul is key, but everyone gets run down.

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to neglect your health and wellness because you have tunnel-vision on building your business. But not paying attention to your health can cause you to burn out mentally, physically and emotionally in the long run which is something that has been learned over time.

You put all of your time and energy into creating something meaningful because you can taste the reality of your vision.

When you have a burning desire to bring an idea into the world, it’s easy to forget about your own wellbeing.

One important thing is that making your wellness a priority and becoming the healthiest version of yourself will have a major positive effect on every other aspect of your life — not just business.

You can’t build and sustain an empire when you’re not physically and mentally at your best.

Think about Steve Jobs. He was arguably one of the most successful entrepreneurs and innovators of our time. But, his health caught up to him and he passed away at just 56 years old.

No matter how successful you are, if you’re not healthy, you may not be able to enjoy your success for long.

Tips To Manage Your Physical Energy

Whether you’re feeling in a slump or just need a pick-me-up, here are six tips for effectively managing your energy:

1. Focus On What You Put Into Your Body.

You must focus on eating food that has nutritional value. Keep it mostly organic, limiting your junk food intake, consume more fruits and vegetables, less meat, stay hydrated with fresh water and cook your meals at home instead of eating out.

You can even consider going plant-based — that’s what I’m doing. There’s so much research about how being plant-based will improve your energy, clarity and focus on every level. What you eat does physically become a part of you.

There are lists of different foods you can find online to boost your mood, focus and energy. Feed your body consciously.

2. Rest, Recover and Manage Stress.

It’s so important not only to make sure you’re getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night but also blocking out time to disconnect from the world to manage your physical and mental wellness.

You can do this through exercise, meditation, massage, yoga or by spending time in nature. Don’t allow stress to build up inside of you, because it will lead to anxiety. These activities can reduce stress so you show up more powerfully and focused for your company, team and clients.

3. Spend Time With People Who Uplift, Empower And Support You.

These are the type of people you want to spend time with the most because they energize you instead of draining you. Who you spend time with is who you become, and if people in your inner-circle are low energy, you’ll feel as if you need to match their vibe.

Do your best to hang around people who inspire you to become the best version of yourself. Choose your circle of influence wisely.

4. Say No More Often.

Say no to people, activities and anything else that doesn’t align with your major goals and values. If you don’t have clear and specific goals, you won’t know what things to say no to. What you reject or accept too can literally make or break your success.

Your entire future is determined by the choices you make today. That’s why it’s crucial to make decisions that will positively impact your life and business. Time is the most valuable asset we have because we can’t get a refund on how we spend it. Start saying no and watch how it impacts you.

5. Create A Not-to-do List.

To really own my time and energy, I create a list of any activities which do not help move the needle forward in my life and business. I challenge you to create a not-to-do list. You’ll start noticing exactly how you spend your time and on what activities.

Audit your 24 hours and determine which activities aren’t helping you make progress towards your life and business goals. Then, replace those activities with action items that will help you get to where you want to be.

These are things that you do or accomplish no matter what’s going on. Some examples of non-negotiables would be blocking out an hour a day for exercise, 20 minutes a day for mindfulness activities, no phone before bed or at the dinner table with your family, no checking email after 7 p.m., reflecting for 10 minutes before you go to sleep, etc.

These are activities that will become a ritual for you. Eventually, you will do these things without effort. They can become empowering habits that help you reserve mental energy and maximize your focus. Write down what those non-negotiables will be for you and implement them into your daily routine.

Your physical and mental health are by far the most important areas to focus on when it comes to energy management. When you’re physically and mentally abundant with energy, nothing can stop you from turning your goals into a reality.

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