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This business idea is for rearing pigs. aimed at the production and sale of 360 pigs annually. The revenue potential is estimated at NGN36m ($94,489) per year with a profit margin of 75%. The total capital investment for the project is NGN 1.68m ($4406) and the payback period is almost 5 months. The business risk involved in this idea is the high rate of infection, which spreads quickly among the animals. However, this can be mitigated by increasing the animal’s resistance e.g. by improving the quality of feeds.

Technology and processes description
The items needed include shelter, feeds, piglets, water, feeding troughs, and animal drugs. The pig rearing process involves feeding them very well, cleaning the pen, monitoring the health of the animals, and have them grow to the weight of 80Kgs and above to be ready for sale. Pigs also reproduce so you don’t have to buy more piglets.

Scale of Investment

Production and Operating Costs

General costs (Overheads)

Production is assumed for 365 days per year. Depreciation assumes 2-year life of assets written off at 50% per year for all assets

Profitability Analysis Table

Sources of supply of equipment
All equipment and raw materials are readily available in most African states.

Market Analysis
The structure of the pig market is wide throughout the year in butcheries as pork is popular among the public. There are several pork joints in the city and upcountry making demand for pork high.

The animals are prone to diseases such as swine fever that need close monitoring by a Veterinary expert.



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